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"YD E-business Co.,LTD as ""China seamless wallpaper leader"", the company has always insisted ""take the customer demand as the center and the benefit of customers first"" business philosophy, by virtue of perfect design, reasonable budget quotation, sophisticated construction technology, the quality of the full service, sincere for every customer, tailored to create new, elegant, comfortable home life.

Our factory introduced a number of advanced wallpaper production line, set up a design, research and development, production, sales of the wallpaper business model. Companies using high-quality raw materials, first-class technology and equipment, advanced management system to produce more environmentally friendly, more healthy wall mural, coverage for children, fashion, pastoral, European style, personality, hand-painted variety style fully meet the family, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, government agencies and other different places on the wall decoration needs."


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